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If you are questioning how to juice broccoli I’ve bought you lined.  I’m an enormous fan of
broccoli, whether or not uncooked or steamed. But juiced? Not as a lot. I’m certain you’ll
agree that broccoli has a reasonably highly effective taste, one which turns into much more
intense when served in juice type!

Even in the event you don’t love to eat it, you ought to strive to juice it.  You could make it style palatable, and it is a simple method to incorporate it into your weight loss program.

Benefits of broccoli

Broccoli is a part of the
cruciferous vegetable household — the household of veggies that features
cauliflower, brussel sprouts and kale – that are an vital a part of your
weight loss program. Consuming these veggies may also help forestall sure forms of most cancers, whereas
in addition they present essential nutritional vitamins and vitamins. Broccoli is a wealthy supply


  • Vitamin Okay: a ¾ cup of
    broccoli has greater than 100% of the each day really useful consumption. Vitamin Okay helps
    your blood coagulate and stimulates new bone growth, defending you from
    bruising and bleeding. Vitamin Okay can be wanted to your physique to take up
    calcium, which helps hold your bones and enamel sturdy, whereas it additionally prompts
    proteins mandatory for cell development.
  • Vitamin C: A cup of broccoli juiced provides you your total each day
    consumption! It’s about the identical quantity of Vitamin C as an orange.
  • Vitamin A: Broccoli is filled with Vitamin
    A, which is nice to your eyes and helps combat cancerous cells. It additionally helps
    promote healthy pores and skin, breaks down urinary stones, and helps you keep
    healthy bones and enamel
  • Calcium: Broccoli has about the identical quantity of calcium as
    entire milk, making it nice for individuals who want for all the advantages of calcium,
    together with sturdy bones and enamel!
  • Carotenoids: The
    beta-carotene in broccoli breaks down into vitamin A, which helps you keep
    a healthy immune system. Broccoli additionally accommodates carotenoids referred to as luten and
    zeaxanthin, which assist keep healthy imaginative and prescient and defend your eyes from UV
    harm. Carotenoids can even assist forestall lung most cancers, in accordance to the Linus Pauling
  • Manganese:  There’s manganese a-plenty in broccoli, which
    activate antioxidant enzymes, which defend your cells from harm brought on by
    poisonous by-products of your mobile metabolism. It additionally helps you course of
    vitamins, together with proteins and carbohydrates, obtained out of your weight loss program, and
    aids in bone growth and wound therapeutic.
  • B2/Riboflavin: This
    nice vitamin helps your immune system and helps your physique take care of stress.
    It additionally helps you course of fats and protein, in addition to serving to your physique course of
    B6 and folate into usable types. If that’s not sufficient, it’s an antioxidant as
    effectively, which helps combat free radicals which are created when your
    physique breaks down food, and prevents growing older.
  • Selenium: Broccoli additionally
    accommodates vital quantities of selenium, a

    mineral that fights most cancers.


Tips on how to juice broccoli & make it style good

How do you juice broccoli to make it style good? Just like different darkish greens, like kale, making broccoli juice palatable takes a sure finesse.  Here’s how I’ve discovered to make it higher over time.  Keep these in thoughts when making your individual broccoli crammed recipes.

1. Don’t use an excessive amount of broccoli in your recipe.  A bit goes a good distance with broccoli, so start by solely utilizing a number of florets or a number of leftover stalks you could have leftover out of your meals.

2.  Juice them with watery greens to dilute the flavour.  My favorites are cucumbers and celery.

3. Add a neutralizing fruit or vegetable, like pear, apple or carrot. On prime of including sweetness, carrot juice supplies you with additional vitamin A, vitamin Okay and potassium, whereas apple juice provides the always-beneficial vitamin C. You may even add berries for some additional candy taste.

4. Incorporate herbs or roots into the recipe.  Juicing contemporary ginger or herbs, corresponding to basil or mint, in your recipe assist masks its distinctive grassy style.

5.  Add lemon or lime to your recipe. The acidity of lemon and limes additionally helps neutralize the bitterness of broccoli, whereas making it style actually refreshing.

Broccoli juice recipe

Bold Broc Juice Recipe | serves 2-4


1 bunch of broccolini (about 1-2 cups)

2 bunches of celery

2 medium cucumbers

1 lemon, peel on

1 massive inexperienced apple, cored



Cut all of the produce to match into your juicers chute.  Juice the celery, cucumber, broccolini, lemon and apple.  Mix gently to mix and serve.

Fun broccoli information

  • Its identify, from the Italian phrase broccolo, relates to the flowering prime of a cabbage – a tribute to its heritage.
  • Broccoli is in actual fact a man-made food, a results of a mutation cultivated by the selective breeding of untamed cabbage vegetation beginning across the sixth century BC.  
  • Cross-breeding a few of greens within the cruciferous
    household have given rise to newer variations of broccoli. The broccoflower, for
    occasion, seems to be like a pale green-colored cauliflower but nonetheless tastes a bit
    like broccoli. Another vegetable, broccolini, is cross between broccoli and
    Chinese kale which has a barely peppery taste.
  • Tom “Broccoli” Landers is a world champion
    broccoli eater. He wolfed down one pound of broccoli in an unimaginable 92
  • Thomas Jefferson, one
    of the founding fathers of the United States, was an enormous fan of broccoli. He
    planted the vegetable at Monticello as early as May 1767, importing the seeds
    from Italy.
  • Although generally known as the
    “golden state”, California produces 90% of America’s broccoli, so
    maybe golden is a misnomer for inexperienced!
  • Broccoli is the
    motive the James Bond movie collection was introduced to life. Mr. Albert R. Broccoli,
    to be actual. This Italian-American is credited with bringing Ian Fleming’s
    James Bond to movie. Mr. Broccoli produced all the Bond Films made throughout his
    life and his heirs assist proceed the legacy. 
  • While the US enjoys
    their broccoli, with the typical American eating 4
    kilos a 12 months in accordance to the National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA),
    the US is simply the third largest producer worldwide. China, producing over 8
    million tons a 12 months, is available in at no.1.


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