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by Dr. William Pierce

IN ANY NEIGHBORHOOD, a stranger who wishes an intro to native right-wing circles wants solely stroll into the closest “health food” retailer. There, amongst the racks of sunflower seeds, dried seaweed, and wheat bacterium he makes certain to rub elbows with any variety of LOLITS (Little Old Ladies In Tennis Shoes), Minute Guys, Birchites, and others of a usually rightist color– and possibly a few SDS’ers too, for quite a few members of the New Left have really additionally revealed a rising curiosity in so-called pure food within the final couple of years.Certified Crackpots He will likewise meet his

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fill of food plan plan faddists, spiritual weirdoes, licensed crackpots, and even a number of paranoiacs who’re lifeless sure that each one food preservatives and chemical substances are a part of a communist plot to toxin America. This fringe factor has, in fact, moderately coloured most of the people’s psychological picture of the typical health-food client, giving a moderately crankish or oddball factor to your complete health-food image.This is an embarassment, on account of the truth that there are intriguing implications to the present rise within the recognition of pure food, particularly these which likewise fall within the class of “natural”meals.It is simple to see this development as a rising rejection, on the a part of the extra delicate

facets within the inhabitants, of our over-organized, over-crowded, over-adulterated, over-mechanized, over-synthesized, over-polluted civilization; as a craving for the fundamental moderately of the advanced, for the pure or “real”as an alternative of the artificial or “plastic,”for the plain and homely as an alternative of the slick and gimmicky, for the pure and stunning as an alternative of the preserved and refined.But exists, possibly, extra to it? Is man’s impulse for survival, alongside along with his esthetic outrage, asserting itself? One could virtually presume that to be the case, within the mild of present research by UCLA anthropologist R.D. McCracken.Man a Meat-Eater Ancient male, in accordance with McCracken, was a a lot more healthy animal than modern-day male

— a minimum of the place his consuming

practices are involved. Before the arrival of farming, a naked 10 millennia again, man survived on a food plan plan of fish, online game, edible roots and berries, and fruit. This was his food plan plan all through a interval of numerous years-many hundreds of millennia– as he advanced from his subhuman primate ancestors.Thus, his physique chemistry had ample alternative, by way of the sluggish technique of anomaly and pure alternative, to adapt itself fully to this food plan.Then, virtually in a single day on the evolutionary time scale, man’s food plan went by way of a change. Instead of meat and fruit, cereal grains– the produce of agriculture– grew to become his staple.And this modification, says McCracken, performed havoc with man’s physique chemistry: “The carbs, or starches, are an unnatural diet plan for him.”McCracken traced the rise in prevalence of an extended checklist of degenerative sickness, consisting of coronary heart downside, stroke, schizophrenia, alcohol dependancy, and some kinds of diabetes and most cancers, to

male’s growing ingestion of grains and different high-carbohydrate foods– resembling sugar.”Two hundred years ago the per-capita usage of sugar in England had to do with 7 1/2 pounds a year, “he said. “Today it is 120 pounds.” He defined that it’s precisely all through the final century or two that

virtually all of the degenerative illnesses have presumed such horrible worth within the morbidity and mortality statistics.It is soothing to

consider that we now have medical backing for our unclear and undefined feeling that the extremely synthetic nature of modern-day man’s choice of edibles is indirectly “incorrect.”* * * From Attack! Concern No. 3, 1971, transcribed by Michael Olanich, from The Very Best of Attack! And National Vanguard, edited by Kevin Alfred Strom

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