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6 Health Dangers of Processed Foods

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Processed meals are meals which were modified from their pure state by chemical processes or the addition of synthetic substances like preservatives, colorants, flavors and textures.

Packaged teas, flour and different meals which might be merely cleaned and graded are examples of main processed meals.

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Tomato puree is an instance of a secondary processed food. Ice cream, immediate noodles, breakfast cereals, cheese, crisps, salad dressings and tender, fizzy drinks as effectively all canned, bottled or boxed ready-to-eat meals are categorised as tertiary processed meals as a result of the unique meals have undergone essentially the most modifications.

Although these meals are handy to devour, they need to be prevented as a result of they’ve been linked to health situations that vary from most cancers to cardiovascular illnesses. All processed meals also needs to be eradicated from the Candida weight loss plan in an effort to keep away from these six health dangers:

1) Processed meals feed Candida

Most processed meals include so much of sugar which is normally within the kind of excessive fructose corn syrup. Their extreme sugar content material contributes to Candida colonization as a result of it feeds on it in the course of the digestive course of.

These yeast cells want sugar to develop and it contributes to their transformation from comparatively benign kinds into invasive kinds. These aggressive kinds have tentacles that assist them breakthrough the partitions of the intestines and allow them to cross into the bloodstream and lymphatic system.

This aids the migration of Candida from the intestine to different components of the physique and contributes to the event of Candida signs like complications, dizziness, nasal congestion, bloating, burning urination and athlete’s foot. The Candida crossover additionally performs an necessary function within the improvement of the leaky intestine syndrome which permits different poisonous substances to enter the blood from the intestine.

Eliminating meals with a excessive sugar content material will assist starve the Candida and cease the overgrowth from occurring.

2) Processed meals could cause diabetes

Soft drinks, that are some of the key sources of excessive fructose corn syrup within the weight loss plan, have been linked to diabetes (1). Their excessive sugar content material causes insulin resistance which results in the event of sort 2 diabetes.

Abstaining from ingesting tender drinks and different processed meals with excessive fructose corn syrup can cut back the chance of growing Candida infections as a result of diabetics are extra vulnerable to them as a result of of the excessive blood sugar ranges.

3) Processed meals improve irritation

Dietary fats has been linked to irritation (2). This is extra so with processed meals which include unhealthy trans-fats and fat with excessive concentrations of omega 6 fatty acids which improve irritation within the physique.

Consuming these meals subsequently aggravates the state of power irritation within the physique that develops because of this of Candida overgrowth.

Deleting oily processed meals from the weight loss plan can cut back the irritation within the physique particularly whether it is mixed with the consumption of healthy oils like flaxseed oil and fish oil. This is because of the truth that they include omega 3 fatty acids which additional cut back irritation within the physique.

4) Processed meals trigger sugar cravings

Most processed meals include a big quantity of refined carbohydrates. These easy carbs trigger surges in blood sugar after they’re consumed. This results in spikes in insulin ranges which drop the blood sugar and trigger cravings for extra sugary meals.

Eliminating these meals from the weight loss plan can forestall a worsening of the cravings for sugar-rich meals and carbohydrates that develop because of this of Candida colonization.

5) Processed meals are low in fiber

Most processed meals normally have a low fiber content material which might contribute to the event of constipation. Eliminating them from the weight loss plan can forestall worsening of the constipation, fuel and bloating related to Candida overgrowth.

The low fiber content material of processed meals additionally contributes to them taking a very long time within the intestines. This results in their fermentation which modifications the intestinal pH and contributes to the method of Candida overgrowth.

The alcohol produced within the fermentation course of additionally destroys the great intestine micro organism that maintain the inhabitants of Candida in test. This additional enhances the method of Candida colonization.

Eliminating low fiber processed meals from the weight loss plan and changing them with fiber wealthy greens can reverse this course of because it hastens the passage of food by the intestines and feeds the great intestine micro organism that management Candida. Brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale are some of the low-carb meals that may be consumed to attain this objective.

6) Processed meals depress the immune system

Excessive consumption of processed meals can depress the immune system since they’re normally low in vitamins. Some of their substances are additionally dangerous to the physique.

Avoiding processed meals can cut back a person’s threat of growing Candida overgrowth particularly if they’re changed with natural meals that are wealthy in immune-boosting vitamin C like broccoli and pink bell peppers.


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