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The Wrong Cookware Can Decrease Manhood

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Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is a man-made chemical used within the processing and producing of Teflon. Also referred to as C8, the chemical was developed within the 1930s and introduced into manufacturing within the 1940s.1 PFOA is one kind of perfluorinated chemical (PFC), a big group of compounds used to scale back friction in nonstick cookware and make material stain and water resistant.2

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In an effort to make sure their very own monetary success, DuPont, a producer of C8, turned a grasp of deception and manipulative public relation methods. Although the corporate knew concerning the results of PFOA on the atmosphere and human health for many years, it repeatedly lied to federal and native regulators, shoppers and even their very own workers about its toxicity.3 

Nonstick cookware turned enormously well-liked because it was handy and straightforward to scrub. The similar is true for stain- and water-repellent clothes, carpets and materials, all handled with PFCs to realize this outcome. Despite the comfort and reputation, I started warning concerning the health hazards of C8 over 15 years in the past and consequently was threatened with authorized motion by DuPont.

Today, the proof is obvious and the risks plain. In a latest examine revealed within the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, knowledge reveals baby boys uncovered to PFCs earlier than start expertise a discount in testosterone, leading to smaller male organs.4

Teflon Pans Trigger Reduction in Size and Girth

In 2017, DuPont agreed to pay $670 million to settle 3,500 lawsuits in Ohio and West Virginia, introduced by residents who consider they have been poisoned by consuming water contaminated with PFOAs the corporate knowingly launched into the floor water.5

In a unbroken examine of how the chemical has affected people and wildlife, knowledge was collected from 383 male highschool college students (common age 18) from Padua, Italy, together with 212 who have been uncovered to excessive ranges of PFCs of their consuming water. The space is called having excessive ranges of environmental PFC air pollution as a result of runoff from a chemical manufacturing facility and wastewater remedy plant.6

The researchers discovered younger males who grew up within the space had penises 12.5 p.c shorter and 6.3 p.c thinner than males not uncovered to excessive ranges of PFC toxins. PFCs are present in on a regular basis objects, together with quick food packaging, glues, cosmetics, cleansing merchandise and pesticides.7

The chemical substances enter the bloodstream and bind to testosterone receptors, thus decreasing the degrees of testosterone utilized by the physique.8 The result’s smaller penises, poor high quality sperm and a shorter distance between the scrotum and anus — an exterior signal of lower fertility. Absorption can happen by way of the intestines from food, consuming water or inhalation. According to the researchers:9

“This examine paperwork that PFCs have a considerable impression on human male health as they instantly intervene with hormonal pathways doubtlessly resulting in male infertility.

We discovered that elevated ranges of PFCs in plasma and seminal fluid positively correlate with circulating testosterone and with a discount of semen high quality, testicular quantity, penile size and AGD [anogenital distance].

Interestingly, the vast majority of the uncovered male inhabitants confirmed a discount in testicular quantity, penile size and AGD, however not anthropometrics in males aged 18 to 19.

As the primary report on water contamination of PFCs goes again to 1977, the magnitude of the issue is alarming because it impacts an total technology of younger people, from 1978 onwards.”


Liposomal Vitamin CLiposomal Vitamin C

What Are PFCs?

PFCs are fluorinated chemical substances. The fluorine atoms create the nonstick slipperiness giving Teflon its distinctive qualities. During the authorized technique of suing DuPont, a whole lot of inner paperwork have been uncovered displaying the corporate knew about the chemical’s hazard to the general public and workers, seemingly as early as 1961.

Although this data has solely lately reached the courts, over a decade in the past the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fined DuPont $16.5 million for withholding many years price of details about health hazards. It was the biggest tremendous the EPA had ever assessed, however it did not act as a deterrent and DuPont continued to fabricate and launch C8 into the atmosphere.

Two PFCs, PFOA and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) are now not manufactured within the U.S. however are present in merchandise produced internationally and imported into the U.S. in client items reminiscent of leather-based, textiles, paper, packaging and plastics.10 Contamination within the Veneto area in Italy the place the featured examine members lived, is linked to industrial manufacturing.

The chemical plant within the space has been energetic since 1968, manufacturing herbicides and prescription drugs. In a complete two-year examine investigating the distribution and sources of PFC within the area, excessive concentrations of PFOA have been present in rivers and samples of consuming water in the Padua and Verona areas.

This urged to the researchers a typical contamination supply triggering ranges remarkably greater than threshold limits really helpful by the EPA and the German Drinking Water Commission. 11

PFCs Associated With a Number of Other Health Concerns

According to the EPA,12 PFOA and PFOS trigger reproductive and developmental, liver and kidney and immunological issues in laboratory animals. The most constant findings from human research have been linked to a rise in cholesterol levels, low toddler start weight, most cancers and thyroid hormone disruption.

Arlene Blum, a University of California chemist, and the manager director of the Green Science Policy Institute, is the lead creator of the Madrid Statement,13  signed by greater than 200 scientists from 40 international locations,14 which presents the scientific consensus on the dangerous health results of PFAS chemical substances. The assertion reveals:15

“Although among the long-chain PFASs are being regulated or phased out, the most typical replacements are short-chain PFASs with comparable buildings, or compounds with fluorinated segments joined by ether linkages.

While some shorter-chain fluorinated options appear to be much less bioaccumulative, they’re nonetheless as environmentally persistent as long-chain substances or have persistent degradation merchandise.

Thus, a change to short-chain and different fluorinated options could not cut back the quantities of PFASs within the atmosphere. In addition, as a result of among the shorter-chain PFASs are much less efficient, bigger portions could also be wanted to supply the identical efficiency.”

Although older chemical substances are now not in manufacturing, because the assertion factors out shorter chain fluorinated options are persistent, much less efficient and will require bigger portions to realize the similar outcome. The Madrid Statement additionally lists lots of the documented health results related to long-chain PFASs, together with:

Liver toxicity


High ldl cholesterol


Liver malfunction

Ulcerative colitis

Neonatal toxicity and dying

Tumors in a number of organ methods

Reduced start weight and measurement

Testicular and kidney cancers

Reduced hormone ranges

Delayed puberty

Decreased immune response to vaccines

Adverse neurobehavioral results

Disruption of lipid metabolism, and the immune and endocrine system

DuPont Poisoned the World

For over 15 years, Rob Bilott, an environmental legal professional and companion at Taft Stettinius & Hollister, has waged a authorized battle in opposition to DuPont.16 His journey started on behalf of a West Virginia farmer who reluctantly offered 66 acres of land to DuPont within the early 1980s so the corporate may set up a landfill.

The tract of land offered to DuPont had a creek operating by way of it main into the realm the place the farmer grazed his cows. Not lengthy after the sale, his cattle developed mysterious illnesses and greater than 150 head of cattle had died by the point the farmer, Wilbur Tennant, contacted Bilott.

In the preliminary lawsuit filed in 1999, DuPont commissioned a examine of Tennant’s property with the assistance of the EPA. Three veterinarians have been chosen by DuPont and three have been chosen by the EPA. The report discovered DuPont was not chargeable for the cattle’s health issues; fairly, it was poor husbandry, poor nutrition and insufficient veterinary care.

During the following protracted authorized battle Bilott acquired greater than 110,000 pages of fabric from DuPont referring to PFOA courting again practically 50 years. The documentation demonstrated DuPont had identified the chemical was damaging to the atmosphere and human health.17

Once in possession of this data, Bilott contacted DuPont, which rapidly settled with the Tennants, decreasing public publicity of the knowledge in courtroom. However, it was solely after he pursued one other class-action lawsuit in opposition to DuPont, representing practically 70,000 individuals in six water districts, that the EPA introduced PFOA could pose a health threat to most people.

The contamination issues weren’t restricted to the Ohio and West Virginia areas as demonstrated by the Teflon report launched by the Environmental Working Group (EWG),18 which discovered PFOA in 94 water districts throughout the 27 states. The similar report highlighted analysis demonstrating PFOA is harmful at ranges 1,300 occasions decrease than beforehand acknowledged by the EPA.

PFOA is now present in over 99 p.c of American blood samples, in accordance with evaluation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),19 and environmentally so far as Sand Island Wildlife Refuge within the North Pacific Ocean south of the Bering Sea.20 The chemical is ubiquitous and doesn’t degrade. In reality, scientists count on C8 will stay properly in spite of everything people have perished.21  

Reduce Your Exposure to Damaging Hormone Disrupting Chemicals

It is obvious the chemical trade can’t be trusted to regulate itself, and DuPont stands as a shining instance of this. It can take many years earlier than a chemical is publically acknowledged as harmful, after which the firm can merely change over to a different untested, unregulated chemical.

The Madrid Statement22 recommends avoiding any and all merchandise containing or manufactured utilizing PFASs, noting they embody merchandise which might be stain-resistant, waterproof and nonstick. Helpful tips may also be discovered within the EWG’s “Guide to Avoiding PFCS.”23

Besides itemizing quite a few sportswear manufacturers identified to use PFCs of their sneakers and clothes, the information additionally notes Apple admits the wristband of its new Apple Watch Sport mannequin is made with PFCs. Other ideas that can assist you keep away from these harmful chemical substances embody avoiding:

Items pretreated with stain-repellent — Opt out of such therapies when shopping for new furnishings and carpets.

Water- and/or stain-repellent clothes — One tipoff clothes consists of these chemical substances is when the unreal fibers are described as “breathable.” These are usually handled with polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), an artificial fluoropolymer.

Items handled with flame-retardant chemicals— These could embody all kinds of baby objects, padded furnishings, mattresses and pillows.24  Instead, go for naturally much less flammable supplies reminiscent of leather-based, wool and cotton.

Fast food and perform meals — These merchandise are sometimes contained in wrappers usually handled with PFCs.

Microwave popcorn — PFOA could not solely present within the inside coating of the bag, it additionally could migrate to the oil from the packaging throughout heating. Instead, use “old-fashioned” stovetop popcorn.

Nonstick cookware and different handled kitchen utensils —  Healthier choices embody ceramic and enameled forged iron cookware, each of that are sturdy, simple to scrub (even the hardest cooked-on meals may be wiped away after soaking it in heat water), and utterly inert, which implies they will not launch any dangerous chemical substances into your private home.

While some suggest utilizing aluminum, chrome steel or copper cookware, I do not for the next causes: Aluminum is a strongly suspected causal consider Alzheimer’s illness, and chrome steel has alloys containing nickel, chromium, molybdenum and carbon. For these with nickel allergy symptoms, this can be a very essential consideration.

Copper cookware can also be not really helpful as a result of most copper pans come lined with different metals, creating the identical considerations famous above. (Copper cookware have to be lined as a result of the potential of copper poisoning.)

Oral-B Glide floss — Also keep away from different private care merchandise containing PTFE or “fluoro” or “perfluoro” substances. The EWG has a superb database referred to as “Skin Deep”25 you may peruse to search out more healthy choices.

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